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Neko Zamurai Season 2

Neko Zamurai Season 2 (Spring 2015, various networks) stars Kitamura Kazuki, reprising his role as Madarame Kyutaro, the former swordplay mentor turned ronin, with his feline companion, Tamanojo. Kyutaro, along with the cat, has returned to Edo after visiting his family back in his homeland. He intends to once again try finding a job as a Samurai in the city. However, trouble awaits him at his tenement housing. His old landlord has assigned his daughter Kikuno (Mori Kanna) as the new landlady. Kikuno reiterates her father's rule of "no cats allowed." She has an acute nose and suspects Madarame of hiding a cat from her. Further exacerbating his dilemma, Kyutaro discovers that there have been numerous cats living in his room since he's been away! Nekomiya's proprietress Oshichi (Takahashi Kaori) tells him to keep the cats since they will bring him luck... Meanwhile, Kyutaro has to find a job so he goes to an employment agency and meets with owner Tenbiki Shiro (Moto Fuyuki) who tries to find him a job. There are also additional people in town: a new arrogant constable Kameyama Tsurujiro (Nishina Takashi), and a new neighbor, Kosuke (Sano Yasuomi), the soba vendor. And then, there is also Kyutaro's strict mother-in-law, Tae (Kino Hana), who is unhappy with her daughter, Oshizu (Yokoyama Megumi) and son-in-law's arrangement...

Genres: Drama



Country: South Korea

Movie: Neko Zamurai Season 2

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Release: 2015

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